2018-01-13 01:39:22 by Prov22

You all will be angry but I cancelled the movie. It is wierd and breaks my madness storyline. 

I'm still busy as hell so If I will animate, I will do it rarely. Btw, if someone have a good pack of backgrounds, gimmie it, it will really help me with work on Episode 3

Have a nice day and don't hate me

P.S. @Djjaner's soundtrack for it will be used for Episode 3 of my madness story.


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2018-01-13 06:41:48

i will kill you!!.
I mean its ok :D.
I will do it!

Prov22 responds:

Well, dude, arrive to my house at 12:00 tomorrow. I already prepared AK74 for this meet :D